Friday, April 10, 2009

How to make videos

I'm gonna tell you how to make videos.

1st, download a program called Hypercam. You can get it from [url=]here.[/url] This is what you use to record from your desktop aka record straight from your computers screen, like in my videos. Unless you spend money to register it, there's a small little 'Unregistered Hypercam' tag in the upperleft corner of your videos. It does suck. But, Hypercam is the best recording program I've found.

2nd, download a program called Any Video Converter. There are 2 versions. [url=]Freeware version[/url] which has many input and output video files, and [url=] Pro version[/url] which has almost every input and output. Seriously, it has Ipod, PSP, etc..

3rd, make your video. Start hypercam and record whatever it is that you wanted to do.

4th, prepare to convert. Hypercam puts the video file in .avi. Avi's are incredibly huge, and don't even have the best quality. So, open up Any Video Converter, and search for the video file. By default, the file is in your documents folder(if you're in Vista). Just find it there, click on it, then click OK.

5th, convert the file. If you want the smallest file possible, go with flv. It's flash video file. However, it compresses the file making the quality not that good. If you want great quality and small file, go with mp4. It's what I use. Not the smallest, but it has great quality. If you want the best quality, but large file, go with mpegII(2). It takes a long time to convert, and makes the file huge, but it has amazing quality. Once you've decided on the file you want, click convert.

6th, upload the video. Go to Youtube, sign in(or create profile if you don't have a Youtube), click the upload button. Find the converted video file. For Vista: Start-->Home-->Documents-->AnyVideoConverter. Just open the folder that is the type of file that you converted the video into. Click on the file and click ok. Then click upload.

Hope this helps,

PS: There is an alternate recording program called CamStudio. Go to and download it. It's pretty straight forward from there.

PSS: There are shortcuts in Hypercam. F2, start/stop recording. F3, pause/resume recording. F4, take a 1frame shot(this one is really useless).
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