Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Safari 4 PC

Heya guys. I’m gonna show you about Safari 4 PC beta. The good ol’ Mac browser doesn’t look like it did. Safari 3 looks like this:


Safari 4 looks like this:


Anyway, there are a few new things about Safari.

1st: 4 uses a new engine that makes it incredibly fast

2nd: 4 doesn’t have the blue loading bar behind the URL bar

3rd: It has a new fancy URL suggest menu

4th: It’s tab bar is on the top, like in Chrome

You may have noticed that 4 looks entirely different than 3. Well, this is because it has a new feature: “Windows native look & feel”. Well, it looks like a Windows app. But not a good one. The picture I gave is on Windows7. It doesn’t look too bad on Win7, but look at it on WinXP:


I told you. It looks terrible. And, there’s the tab bar. I told you, it stole from Chrome. Tab bar on the top…it’s actually a smart move, but stolen from Chrome nonetheless.

4 has a new “Most Viewed” option. It shows you your most viewed sites. You can choose between 3 options: Small, medium, and large. The smaller the pictures are, the more sites you can have.

Here’s a picture of the Most Viewed thing:


That’s that.     I hope you enjoyed, Rasenganfan2

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