Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to make Windows7 use Aero

Heya guys. I’m gonna tell you how to make Windows 7 use Aero or Windows7 Basic. When you 1st boot up your computer, you’ll see that you’re computer is using Windows Classic theme.

It’ll look like this:


When all the pictures/videos of Win7 look like this:


1st: Go to your desktop

2nd: Right Click it then left click on “Personalize”

3rd: A menu should open up and it’ll look like this:


4th: Look in “Aero Themes”for a wallpaper you like

5th: Click on it and you’ll look like this:


If you want to change your background to something that’s not in Win7, just change it as you normally would. There will be a new theme in “My Themes”. Your theme with your wallpaper will be the new theme.

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